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Knowing Ourselves

How well do you know yourself?   Do you take the time to listen to your inner self and what it is actually communicating to you? What shows up in your life?  Does it all work for you? Our bodies and our minds have a true connection that we don’t always pay attention...

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Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

It’s official.  According to the Daily Mail, those in mid-life are not faring well in the social media stakes, whereas younger people are found to thrive (adults not kids). Interesting to me. Mid-life is described as 30-49.  Ahem. Really? This is actually NOT the...

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Where’s Your Head At?

Where’s your head at? Where’s your head at?  Yes, I’m quoting Basement Jaxx, but seriously – where is your head at this week?  What’s distracting you?  What’s on your mind? We all get wrapped up in stuff, events, other people, places, memories, the future, OTHER...

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Why Stress Can’t Be Ignored

This month is Stress Awareness Month and stress is something that I work with my clients on a lot, in many different shapes and forms. Stress can manifest itself in very different ways and most of us have, at one point or another, felt stressed. Stress, even though...

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