Not a question we ask ourselves very often I suspect!  What is your sub-conscious doing for you?

I have some truly wonderful clients at the moment, who are stretching themselves well beyond their comfort zones, and it is incredible to watch the changes they are making to their lives.

Not everyone can do this.  Not everyone is prepared to look at the uncomfortable parts of their lives with curiosity and with a theme of exploration in order to make changes.

Ultimately their lives will be better, the goals that they have set themselves are big enough to make a real difference to how they exist.  Isn’t it funny then that not everyone can do this?

It is and it isn’t.

I do think you have to reach a point in life where just doing what you’ve always done has become so uncomfortable that doing nothing is more painful than starting a process of change.

Why is change still so hard to do then?  Even if you really want it?  My answer to this is that the whole of you has to be on board.  Your body, your spirit and your soul.  And your subconscious mind.


What is your sub-conscious doing for you?

The sub-conscious mind is bigger and more powerful than you can ever realise.  It is running the show from the back seat.

Your sub-conscious makes you put up with such utter bullshit about yourself, and it can be for a long time. It can keep you small or stuck in places that you don’t want to be.  Stories are invented and clung to fiercely, or old emotions, feelings and ways of thought guarded in case they get lost.

All of which at some point were protecting you in some way – (“remember how much that hurt?  I can’t let that happen to me again”).  But the protection offered here becomes punishing if it gets out of date, and prevents growth or progress towards an updated, more modern and relevant version of you.

This has been my theme for the week: ‘protection has become punishing’.

It always starts with self-preservation.  Our sub-conscious doing it’s utmost to keep us alive – safety first!  But if you don’t already know this: Your sub-conscious cares not for your happiness!

Therefore your sub-conscious can get you very stuck.

Can you relate to this?  Really wanting to do something different, make some progress on something, but somehow just not being able to make the changes that you know would ultimately move you towards your goal?  Even if you know exactly what you need to do!


So what is your sub-conscious doing for you?

I read somewhere that if you’re not achieving your goals then you need to check out your motivation, because if you’re not motivated towards your goals, you’ll never achieve them.  This seems reasonable doesn’t it?  But, what if you are motivated?  But you still keep getting stuck… then clearly there’s something else going on.

Does this resonate for you?


It’s such a privilege to be a part of people changing their lives, I am blessed.  Do you need any help with yours?  Talk to me…