The problem:

“Why can’t I get out of my own way?”

Lisa came to me when she was feeling stuck in her leadership role at work.  Her boss was moving into a more senior position, and Lisa had been offered the chance to step up into her role.

She was delighted that her boss thought she was capable and ready for the position, even though it was at Director level and encompassed a different set of skills than she thought she had – but hey everything’s transferrable right?!

What she said to me was that she felt she was the one sabotaging herself, that she felt she was second-guessing all the time, that she felt uncomfortable in her own skin, like an imposter in the company.

The desired outcome:

Lisa wanted to feel like she belonged.  She felt that at least some of the work should run like clockwork, and most importantly she wanted to give herself the opportunity to succeed.


The REAL problem:

What we found deep in Lisa’s subconscious as the root cause of this self sabotage were some very fixed ideas about women and they way she should be.  Throughout, the different memories that we pinpointed in hypnosis, the women had supporting roles, very much behind the scenes, and Lisa was encouraged to be part of this, be a good girl.  Any females identified in the memories who didn’t live up to this expectation were seen as hard, aggressive – ball-breakers!

The conclusion her subconscious reached was that women are subordinate, men are leaders.  And so reaching for this senior leadership role was “going against the right way”.

Once Lisa understood where this self-sabotage was coming from, she was able to dismiss the rationale for holding onto these beliefs that were no longer serving her.


The Result:

Lisa has been in post as Director now for nearly a year now.  And she’s loving it.  She was able to embrace her passion for her work, feel more abundant in all areas of her life, accept her own good fortune with grace and gratitude and feel confident, ambitious and successful.


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