Are you a worrier?

“The task of worrying is to come up with positive solutions for life’s perils by anticipating dangers before they arise.  If we are preoccupied by worries, we have much less attention to expend on figuring out answers.  Our worries become self-fulfilling prophecies, propelling us toward the very disaster they predict.” ~ Daniel Goleman (Author & Psychologist)

Worrying is really such a waste of energy when you think about it.  It never improves a situation.  It never helps us to find the answer to a problem by spending more time worrying about it.  Answers come when we are calm, thinking clearly – and they can be so simple once we get to them can’t they?  Leading to the question: ‘why didn’t I think of this before?’ – Answer: because you were too busy worrying about it!

Are you a worrier?

Some people say: it’s just who I am.  But is that okay for you?  Is it just how you want to be?  Forever?

Worrying can be a habit we fall into, or something we learn from our parents.

Question:  What are you worrying about right now?  Is it real?  Or is it something you have built up (out of all proportion) in your mind?  What would happen if you were able to switch the worry off and look at the thing as if you were looking through the eyes of someone else?  Would you be able to sort the thing out more effectively?  Would you realise that maybe there is actually nothing to sort out?  (Imagine that!)

Can you try this?  Switch the worry off, just for now (you can have it back later if you want to!) and see what happens next…  Tell me the end of this story for you!