This programme is a life-altering, radical change process that creates deep, lasting shifts in as little as one month.

Chrissy combines the modalities: hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, intuitive soul healing and life coaching to produce a rapid, transformative and lasting effect on clients.

What makes this process different?

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, there is no need to spend weeks, months or years going over what’s happened to you in the past.  Unlike traditional coaching, this process treats the root cause of your issues, not just what’s going on now.

We acknowledge that we all have a past, events happen, but it is the meaning we attach to those events that causes us to get stuck in life, and it is these meanings that we are seeking to change.

You will uncover the underlying reasons for your challenge/issue and change it at the subconscious level which creates a powerful emotional release and freedom from any fear or pain.

We will work at a soul level, to connect in to your life purpose, healing your inner child, and connecting you with any elements of your soul that need awakening within you, to inform you, to enable you to rest, relax, and live a more joy filled life.

You will draw out ‘unfinished business’ and create powerful new belief systems allowing you to heal and correct unaddressed issues so you can finally live your ideal life.

Who is it for?

Back To Life is for people who are 100% ready to stop suffering from the same hidden blocks, never-ending challenges, pain (emotional or physical) and fear that keeps them from creating a successful and fulfilling life.

Confidence, self-worth, physical health, procrastination, anxiety, weight loss, public speaking, addiction, depression… these are just a handful the areas that can be completely transformed.

I work with women who are ready to make change in their lives, to get out of their own way and truly step into their own power.

My Clients experience things like…

  • Massively upgraded self-confidence, self-esteem & self-worth
  • Greater financial freedom
  • More fulfilling relationships with family and romantic partners
  • Motivation to aligned action and improved performance at work
  • Greater energy, stamina and focus in daily and professional life
  • Freedom from depression and anxiety
  • Improved physical health and wellbeing
  • Overall increased happiness and life satisfaction
I’m waiting to hear from you – You’re worth it, and you deserve to live your best life.


Hi, I’m Chrissy.
I’m an expert at transforming lives, and passionate about complete wellbeing.  I believe that we all have the capability of living the lives of our dreams, and that’s exactly what I want for you.



The results I’ve had from working with Chrissy have been absolutely incredible! Unbelievable. Chrissy has helped me to identify some beliefs I had about myself –  that I had created. She was able to remove and replace them immediately with way more useful things.
This was sustained with the recording she did for me and by the end of our work together – life has never been better, belief in myself, my ability, my confidence. With Chrissy’s words now constantly reminding me, I feel I can conquer the world achieving “one accomplishment after another”.
If I’d known that this would be the effect, I would have begged, borrowed or stolen the money to work with Chrissy – It’s given me my life back.
  – Farida, Watford