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Am I too much?

Am I too much? I say too much. I swear too much. I work too much. I drink too much. I talk about sex and politics and genitalia too much. I am too loud. I am too introverted. I am too dull. I am too “Jack Dee”. I am too disrespectful. I am too silly. I am too head in...

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Confidence Is A Preference

Confidence is the number one thing that collectively my clients want more of: Confidence is a preference!     But why is that? We all think it; “oh, if only I was a bit more confident, then I’d be alright… I’d go for that job… I’d ask that guy out… I’d be happier."...

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Do you have a back up plan?

Do you have a back up plan?  Is this something we should all have?  After all, life is a risky business, and we should all be prepared for failure or something not working out - right? WRONG. Have a Plan A.  Work at it like a fiend.  Achieve towards it every day. ...

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The one thing you can guarantee in life is change.  Change happens all the time.  Nothing actually stays the same: clothes get more worn out, food rots, technology updates…and our lives move on. And yet, we can be terrified of change.  We can get stuck in situations:...

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