What is… Rapid Transformational Therapy?

One of the therapy modalities that I use is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), which is pretty much a super therapy!

It combines psychotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles, to create the most effective therapeutic process working with the brain’s neuroplasticity to reset, retrain and rewire thinking, offering people effective and potentially life changing solutions to their issues.

How does it work?

RTT works by getting to the root cause of the problem that you bring to the session.

When we are using RTT in a session, we won’t just be talking about symptoms and how to manage them, we will be working in hypnosis to access deep into your sub-conscious mind, communicating directly here so that the root cause is unveiled.  There are a variety of tools and techniques that I will use in order to get to the root cause.

Once we know where the problem comes from we can then work together to transform your thinking to make better use of the memories, or information so that you leave the session feeling transformed, liberated and joyful!


Why is it called RTT?

It is exactly what it says on the tin really!

It’s Rapid, because it is so much quicker than other types of therapy.  For some clients a single session of RTT is literally all they need to change their lives!  For others more sessions are required, because they have more complicated lives, issues, or problems.

It’s Transformational because it really is!  I have certainly seen clients transform right in front of me.  Some clients even look different when they leave the session, and other people in their lives notice this and tell them afterwards!

And it’s Therapy because it is therapeutic, it’s healing, it resolves how you think and feel about experiences you have had or trauma you have lived through.


Do I have to have experienced trauma to have RTT then?

No – is the short answer.

A longer version of this answer is that in all likelihood, you are traumatised, even if you haven’t experienced some horrible event.  In fact, what you have been experiencing your whole life, is the trauma of everyday life.

When getting to the root cause of whatever brings you to therapy using RTT, you will go back in time using the subconscious, to when the problem first arose, when the mind first recognised that there was something going on that it needed to do something with – and very often this is something that happened in childhood.  You don’t re-live the events, so you’re not re-traumatised, you’re just reviewing them, and the point of this is to see the experience through adult eyes, rather than those of a child.

For example then:

As a 3 year old child, you experience your Father shouting at you, and it feels like the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. As an adult, you’re experiencing difficulty communicating with seniors at work.  Whilst in a hypnotic trance we speak with your subconscious, who is reliving the trauma of the 3 year old child every time a particular male senior colleague raises his voice.  As an adult reviewing the scene from childhood, we realise that “Dad wasn’t even shouting at me”, the child is recalling Dad and Mum splitting up, and the clever adult subconscious mind hears the loud male voice at work and says – ‘I know what this is: I must keep quiet, be a good girl, not rock the boat and everything will be alright’.

Can you see then, that actually a 3 year old child is running this show at work for you!  Not ideal.  And my point about trauma: parents arguing and splitting up is a pretty regular thing, and we may not always view this as traumatic, if it was straight forward, but to a 3 year old, this could be the worst thing that’s ever happened to them in their very short life!

Am I left feeling unsettled then?

Absolutely not.  This is the beauty of RTT!  We get to the point (therapy) quickly (rapid) and then we see the issue with adult eyes (transformational) and re-understand the situation, allowing us to let go of the negative feelings, and move forward in a different and better way.


I already know where the problem started, so why haven’t I been able to sort this out myself?

Maybe you’re absolutely right?  And you do know exactly why you’re experiencing the issue that you have today.  But, what you don’t know is how your subconscious mind is using the information it’s holding onto from the event in the past.

So this is why you haven’t been able to move on from the issue and do things differently.  It’s a data-processing issue!

But also – you could be wrong! So, you could have been trying to deal with the wrong issue all this time.  Our minds do work in mysterious ways sometimes, holding onto things that certainly our adult brains wouldn’t think were important or even that we have no conscious memory of.  The beauty of working in hypnosis – which is just a  state of deep relaxation, is that we can get to converse with the subconscious easily, effortlessly.

So – you don’t need to know what’s holding you back!  You just have to desire change.

What is RTT good for?

Personally I believe that RTT works on most things and is good for everyone!  It can do no harm.

Here’s a list of a few of the things that I have resolved for clients using RTT:

  • Meeting my ideal partner (potential husband)
  • Massively increasing self esteem
  • Getting rid of anxiety
  • Resolving emetophobia
  • Quitting alcohol / cannabis
  • Loving myself more
  • Getting rid of depression
  • Resolving fibromyalgia
  • Improving motivation
  • A brilliant night’s sleep (forever!)
  • Getting rid of pain
  • Absolute confidence in public speaking / job interviews
  • Recovery from narcissistic relationship
  • Fear of dying
  • Accepting ageing
  • Finding my soul purpose
  • Phobias


Is it a one-off appointment?

Not with me!  Some RTT Therapists do work in this way, but I don’t.  After doing RTT within my work for nearly five years now, I find that clients get the best results if they work with me for longer.  So my shortest package time frame is a month.  I will rarely suggest any longer than 3 months, but some clients choose to stay with me longer and do more work.  It totally depends on you, what you need to resolve and what is going on in your life.

Also – because you are a human, there is is always a chance that you will want to come back in the future for another dose!  Again this is totally dependent on what is going on in your life, and how your subconscious is dealing with it.  My own experience of therapy in my life, is that I think I’m done, and I go on quite happily for a while, and then I decide to change something about my life massively – or life just throws me a curveball!  There’s no shame in having more therapy.

And – some issues just take more work than others: very often a phobia can be dealt with quickly (1 month), whereas anxiety is usually more complicated.


A note about me and how I work…

You won’t just get RTT if you come to me, you get my Back To Life Package.

You will get RTT of course, because its an amazing therapy and works brilliantly, but I will work with whatever comes up when we meet, and use other tools and techniques that I have the privilege of being trained in, if you need them.

So, be open to that if you choose to work with me.


Here’s the link to book in for a consultation: what are you waiting for?!