A Poem – for all the Mother’s out there.

Not my poem, I hasten to add!  But after the busy-ness of Easter, and in life in general, I came across this and it felt so apt – for anyone who needs to hear this, I see you!


The Bread Analogy

She spread herself as best she could

Like butter over bread.

She felt “thin, sort of stretched”;

That thing that Bilbo Baggins once said.


She couldn’t quite meet the edge

And instead seemed to tear the bread.

Perhaps, maybe it would help

If she just made toast instead.


What if she melted the butter first;

Would there then be enough to go around?

But the doesn’t seem to be time.

They are all expecting now.


And though she tried, the serving lacked;

She hoped they would settle for less.

And she would continue to try;

She would continue to spread.


By Rebekah Rainey.


I used to always say that I didn’t like poetry when I was younger, but maybe I just wasn’t reading the good stuff?

I like this, and the poems that I come across on social media seem to always fit with me somehow.

I put this out to other Mothers, and I think that you can see why?  Not to exclude men, but I speak as a woman, and a Mother, and this is my perspective.