A case study: what is really like to work with me?


Sophie* is now 42 years old, she lives in Shropshire, with her husband and two boys.  She runs her own jewellery design and manufacture business.

She initially worked with me because a mutual friend recommended me to her as she felt she was having some emotional difficulties that were impacting on her mental health.

I helped Sophie to feel more stable in herself through transformational life coaching and rapid transformational therapy.

Transformational Coaching:

All my clients are unique, but Sophie at this stage was lacking motivation to run her business, she lacked energy, was tired a lot of the time, and was separated from her husband as they had not been getting on well.

We initially coached for six sessions and this was the result:


“My whole life changed after working with Chrissy.  My attitude did a full 180° & went from feeling helpless, frozen, resentful & negative to empowered, confident & positive. My reason for contacting Chrissy was to focus on improving my business as I had become despondent & lacked the drive to commit to it fully. While speaking to Chrissy we talked about a whole range of issues that didn’t directly relate to my business & found as I started to become more aware of my personal issues, my passion for my business returned! She gave me the greatest gift & that was to become my own care giver of my emotions & feelings. She gave me the tools to go forward & be confident that I could resolve any issues I had in the future myself.”


In fact, life was so different for Sophie that she and her husband actually got back together and renewed their wedding vows!


Sophie messaged me a little while later, and sent me a video of a woman called Marisa Peer… and I couldn’t not do her training!  I let Sophie know when I’d qualified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist, and of course she wanted some!  She was one of the first clients I worked with in this way.


Rapid Transformational Therapy (1):

She wanted to work on childhood issues, that she felt she had carried on into her adult life, but were still having a massive impact on her relationships, specifically with her parents, husband and now with her children.  She felt that she was second-guessing herself all the time, leaving her feeling unnatural in how she was communicating, she felt that she couldn’t trust herself, her intuition and that she lacked boundaries.


“Hi Chrissy, OMG I feel amazing!!! I’m just so content, relaxed and excited about everything.  I feel absolutely free to be myself, good, bad, grumpy, happy, etc.  I’ve set up my own website that I’m going to launch once the wedding party is done, I’ve cleared the house of junk, I’m starting new projects at work, I’m enjoying the boys more, I’m more natural with Dave, I’m not procrastinating anymore… I could go on!  I did have a little dip, but I listened to the recording in the afternoon & felt better straight away.  Thank you so much!! Xxx”


Sophie described feeling happy in her own skin, loveable.  She was able to say “no” and feel internally confident.  This changed her life.  I asked her how she knew that something was different, and she described the first thing she noticed was being able to go out to a party, and deciding that she wasn’t going to drink that night.  Normally every night out was a binge-drinking night, but she no longer felt that this was necessary in order to enjoy herself.  It was practical not to drink that night, due to what she had planned the next day, but prior to having her first RTT session, she wouldn’t have even considered it.


“I had spent my whole 39 years waiting for someone to tell me that it was ok to just be me, and through working with Chrissy I found that acceptance within me.  I was able to give myself permission to take control of my thinking and give myself the validation I had been looking for.  Things from the past were influencing my present and the seven year old me was ruling my life.  I had the chance to go back, encourage her, support her and give her advice with the wisdom of the adult woman I now am, and Chrissy opened up a connection between us that had been lost.  We are now experiencing life together and I have comforted and healed the child within me.”


Much like this:


Rapid Transformational Therapy (2):

What I didn’t realise throughout this time was that Sophie had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by her GP in 2014.  She paid to see a specialist in 2016, who altered this diagnosis post assessment to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).  The difference in the two conditions being that ME has a higher range of fatigue to pain and Fibromyalgia is opposite.  

Sophie was working with a specialist who worked with Osteopathy in moving inflammation and toxins out of the physical body via lymphatic drainage.  The specialist Consultant had done a very in depth bio-psycho-social assessment with her, and he worked with the theory that ME stemmed from Trauma retained within the body as inflammation and toxins.


I suggested to Sophie that RTT may well be able to help with this, as the method would clearly complement the work of her specialist.  We would be able to regress to the point of the trauma, and process it differently, so that her subconscious could let go of any unhelpful meanings that had been created around what had happened to her to cause the symptoms she was having.  We could create a new updated understanding, that would change and develop her neural pathways to a modern version that would enable the symptoms to disappear, as they wouldn’t be necessary any more: they would serve no purpose.

Sophie agreed: she had been feeling so desperate by this time that she was even considering drinking her own urine, after seeing such a conclusion in a google search!


During the RTT it became very apparent that Sophie was holding onto responsibilities for nearly everyone in her life, mainly her Mother.  All of this was such a burden for her, that the ‘gift’ her body was giving her was permission to rest.  Her body literally made her stop, slow down, turn others’ attention to her.  It was complete self preservation, as she was so overwhelmed by the burden of responsibility that she was hauling around with her.  Sophie was able to let go of this, release the burden of responsibility, knowing that it just wasn’t required of her any more.  Her body started healing straight away.

Sophie hardly dared to believe it would work, and that she would be better.  Her son pointed out to her the next day that she was running: they were late for school, and she was running to get him there in time!  Every day got easier.  It was scary, she held back a little, cautious of going full steam ahead, but – she felt completely well straight away.

Within six months, she felt confident enough to declare it, telling colleagues that she didn’t have ME any more.


“It was such a profound turnaround in my health that my husband actually doubted I was ill in the first place!”

Sophie additionally listened to her bespoke hypnotic recordings to help her through the lockdowns during the COVID pandemic:

“They helped me to revert to my ‘baseline’ happiness: baseline meaning my new normal!”


You can find Sophie on ETSY ~ Sophie Can Jewellery

*written with full permission