It’s all well and good me telling you how I can work with you and the positive results I get but I’d like you to hear it from one of my clients. Here Mandy shares her feedback:

How did you hear about Chrissy? I know Chrissy through a friend and heard about the training and work she was doing with Rapid Transformational Therapy [RTT].

What – if any – preconceptions did you have before working with Chrissy? RTT and the use of hypnosis to help move on in life was new to me, I did not know anyone who had done it before. Despite that, I was really excited as I had heard great things about the possible results.

How was working with Chrissy? The whole package – including the preparation discussions, the actual sessions and follow up calls were all a very positive experience. Chrissy really listens and asks the right questions to understand what you want to get from RTT. I felt safe and secure as she had listened, and really understood what we had discussed and what I wanted to work on – exploring my issues made me feel a bit exposed at times, so feeling secure was very important.  

What was it like being hypnotised? Not what I thought it would feel like! I presumed I would be a bit odd – almost in a ‘trance’, having only seen stage hypnosis. This was nothing like that – the first time I wasn’t sure I was hypnotised as I felt fully awake and aware of the session and our surroundings. Chrissy explained after that I was definitely hypnotised. After the sessions I always felt very relaxed and energised, a bit like how I felt if I have spent a lovely relaxing day at a spa. The positive results of the sessions were always immediate.

What was the desired outcome of working with Chrissy? We worked on three different areas in my life that I was not happy with over a period of six months. This included dealing with severe pain associated with fibroids and improving my low mood during an episode of depression. I also wanted to change how I felt about myself in relation to feeling confident about my body.

I am so delighted with the results. The severe fibroid pain has completely gone. This pain had affected me horribly for several days each month, I was using large amounts of a combination of strong prescription painkillers but despite this, never ever feeling pain free during my period. This has completely changed – during my last six periods I have only occasionally had to take paracetamol or ibuprofen for a minor cramp (like a normal person!).

This alone would have been enough for me to change my life for the better, but we continued working together on the other issues I was then able to identify. My mood has improved, I no longer have depression, I don’t feel numb. I actually feel great!

How did you feel about investing in your own personal development? It did briefly feel a bit odd to spend as much time thinking about and spending money on me – but this was brief, and I now know how important, and for me how essential this investment was.

What would you say to people thinking of working with Chrissy? Go for it! As soon as you can, the results are so amazing. I would hate anyone else to continue to suffer things that can be helped, when there is help and a solution for you.  I can’t recommend working with Chrissy and RTT enough.

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