What if today is the day?

The first day of the rest of your life…

Who do you need in your corner supporting you to make the next steps?

What is it that you need to let go of and leave firmly in the past?

Whether we like it or not, we carry a lot of baggage around with us that impacts on how we live our lives, how we make decisions about the future and ultimately the steps we take towards creating the future that we truly desire.

Some of this we absolutely know we are doing, we consciously are aware of past hurts and events that have shaped the way we think and behave in our lives.

But some of this is buried deep in our subconscious, being carried around underneath our surface, resulting in us not knowing why or what is getting in our way, resulting in us staying stuck in a loop of not quite getting or achieving the things that we say we really want.

Our subconscious holds onto stuff and makes it’s own meaning of the things that happen to us, and very often it only holds onto minute snippets of information, and jumps to conclusions and generalises things in order to understand and then protect us from perceived risks happening to us again.

All our subconscious is trying to do is protect us.

It recognises pain and hurt, concludes how it impacted us, and makes assumptions about how best to manage similar events that might happen in the future.

It uses the stored up information in ways that are not always helpful to us, but it has our best intentions at heart.

It would be better to work in collaboration with our minds, to get it working for us in the best possible way to get to where we want to be.  To seek to understand what is going on underneath, in order to change our minds about these perceived risks, which aren’t really risks at all – they are just new and different.

Our minds love familiarity, they would like us to just run on repeat and avoid the risks of the unknown.  But change is inevitable.

The good news is that this collaboration with our minds is completely possible.  With understanding comes power – the power to change, and achieve everything we want.  We can leave the baggage behind, firmly in the past.

So, what if today is the day?  The start of the rest of your life…  Don’t you want your subconscious on you