You are responsible for being you.  This isn’t news is it?  We all know that we are responsible for our own lives, and yet some* of us at some point choose to blame someone else for our unhappiness, dissatisfaction or mediocrity (use whatever term you like).  


You are responsible.  What if you actually took responsibility?  What would that look like?  What if you took responsibility for the way you communicate with others?  What if you took responsibility for the decisions you make about how you live your life, and the outcome of those decisions?  Imagine… 

You are responsible.  What is life like for you right now?  What are the choices you have made to get to where you are today?  Happy?  Fit?  Healthy?  In a job you love?  Brilliant relationships with everyone around you?  Married to the LOVE of your life?   

You are responsible for choosing to be passive, for choosing to take control of your life, or not: You are responsible for choosing inaction.  Ooh, that feels a bit weird – right?

You are responsible – for living your life out loud!  You are responsible for the amount of joy you bring into your life.  Living a responsible life is a big responsibility – how does that make you feel?  When I realised this, it was a bit of an “oh my god” moment.  It is YOUR responsibility.  Oh my god!  Life is short, you might only live once!  Get out there!  What are you waiting for?  Unless you want mediocre?  Right?   

You are responsible.  That doesn’t mean you don’t have to do at all alone.  If you think about trying to be the best at something, for example a sport, or studying for an exam, you would want someone to support you to make the best moves, to work out the path of least resistance for you. To give you the best shot! 

I write in light of the EU referendum, which has made many of us feel like we do not have a choice (I’m not sure who the winners are), but it makes me more determined on this – I am responsible for the choices I make about my life, how I choose to let news impact me, and I choose how to move forward from here.  

How about you?