Depression is now really common, Mind says that 1 in 4 people at any time will be experiencing symptoms of depression, and it is indiscriminate – in that it really can happen to anyone, regardless of who you are, where you come from, how much money you have…

Below I talk about a client I worked with using Rapid Transformational Therapy to help her overcome the intense feelings that her depression brought on, how we discovered the root cause of it, and how we transformed her thinking to enable her to overcome these feelings and move on with her life.

A Case Study:

When I first met K she had been diagnosed with depression by her GP and started on an antidepressant.  She was not feeling herself at all, and her friends had noticed that her usual bubbly personality was not on show.  She was withdrawn, felt slightly paranoid about people noticing there was something wrong with her. She had made her world smaller, stopped socialising and was wondering whether her choices and decisions in life that had led her to where she was had been the wrong ones.  Her self confidence was very low.

She knew she was depressed, and felt some level of relief in having been given this diagnosis by the Doctor and the prescribed treatment.  She was sort of just waiting for it to work.

K was, of course still trying to work and go about her life in the normal way, trying not to let anyone see that there was anything wrong.  She was fearful about the future, fearful of life, had an underlying anxiety that she wasn’t taking care of herself properly, that her low energy and motivation were now permanent, just a part of her life now.  

All K wanted was to be free to be herself and get back to the sociable, chatty, happy, sparkly person she had previously been.

K was concerned about the cost of the treatment with me, and whether it would work.

The treatment:

When listening to K talking about herself and her life at this point, I could hear the very negative stories she was telling herself about who she was and her abilities – “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, “what if this is as good as it gets? What if this is all I deserve?” and “what if I never get better?”  All of these stories that we tell ourselves can be incredibly damaging to our inner selves.

Our subconscious is always listening to everything we say, and it believes everything we say.  So if our minds are running a soundtrack of “I’m not good enough, no-one likes me, my life is shit” our subconscious goes along with this, accepting it, and what’s more – looking around to provide us with evidence that it’s all true!  The subconscious is like a recording device, it remembers everything from our whole lives, where the conscious mind only has space to hold onto the important things as it’s so busy. In fact 95% of our lives is actually run by our subconscious.  Helpful to know.

What it does though isn’t always that helpful, as the subconscious can generalise and put things into categories that don’t always support us to live our best lives.  The ONLY job of the subconscious is to keep us alive on the planet – it is not concerned with how happy we are, or how successful we are: these are conscious states of mind that we desire, and nothing to do with our survival.

In Rapid Transformational Therapy, one of the key parts of the treatment is to go back and review scenes or events from the past that have reminded the subconscious of the current situation.  As it is these memories that are creating or supporting the negative thoughts or ‘depression’ in K’s case. These scenes or events can be things that we consciously remember, or things that were so far back or seemingly insignificant that we don’t consciously remember them.  Usually we are going back to things that happened before the age of seven, as it is in these early years that the subconscious is developing and the beliefs we have about ourselves firmly set in. Knowledge is power of course, and through developing the understanding about these beliefs and where they came from in hypnosis, it is quite possible (in fact quite easy!) to change the meaning that our subconscious has attached to these scenes or events and make them more relevant for our adult lives.

A few key beliefs that K had developed in her subconscious were: if you get ill, you don’t get better; I don’t matter, I’m small and others are more important and; I’m on my own and this is normal and it’s my fault.  All of these formed before the age of seven, and stored in the subconscious until she happened to be in situations where the subconscious assumed that the information was needed again.

Once all of this information was available to K, and we had dissected it, reviewed it, and then put it back together again, with the perspective of an adult, we were able to let go of these old beliefs that truly were not serving her, and replace them with more useful and loving language.  We did this during our work together, and this is such a key part of the work, which is supported by a personalised hypnotic recording to really ensure that the change desired is happening, and it really is, the neural pathways are being healthily rewired as the mind is reprogrammed to not only keep you alive on the planet, but to make that life happy and successful.

Even without having RTT everyone can start to do this:  tell yourself you are enough, you are significant, important, that the world wouldn’t be the same without you.  Tell yourself that you like yourself, appreciate the good in every day: start a gratitude journal. All of this is beneficial, because YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEVES YOU!  (Even if consciously you don’t feel it at all – doing this will start to bring about change.)

The result:

K’s feedback: Absolutely Incredible! Unbelievable. Chrissy’s helped me to identify some beliefs I had about myself that I had created. She was able to remove and replace them immediately. This was sustained with the recording and by the third week life has never been better, belief in myself, my ability,  my confidence. I feel I can conquer the world and one “accomplishment after another”. The only side effect is that I have belief in myself.

A year later and K had managed to sort out some really important family issues, and her living situation.  She has changed her job, although this is still under review. And she has met the love of her life – life is very different!


What could be better in your life?

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