It does seem that without fail, my clients always ask me…. well, a couple of things actually:

Q1.   Can you help me?

Q2.   Do you think I’m crazy?


The answers are easy really:

Q1.   Can you help me?

Yes & No –

Yes, if you want to change your life in a big way, break through the internal barriers that only you have set in place, and transform your life into something you have only dreamed of before.

No, if you want more of the same and you want to stick with what you know, even if it isn’t working and you’re miserable, but you’re kind of happy with that.


Q2.   Do you think I’m crazy?

Absolutely NOT (and yeah – just like everyone else!).

Fact is – everyone thinks that they are different to everyone else, which is true to a degree, as we are all having a different experience of life which encompasses a range of experiences and emotions.

Fact also though – we are all human, and very often others are having similar experiences in life and feeling similar feelings, just at different times, about different things.

Have you ever noticed that actually when we do share how we feel with others, they empathise with us, and offer some shared experience and feelings that correlate with ours?  It really is uncanny.

The hardest thing is the sharing, even though it shouldn’t be.  We have all kinds of internal dialogues running through our minds that can prevent us from doing so, and the fear that others will think I’m weird seems to be one of the biggest ones.  It is a fear of judgement from others – ‘what will So-and-so think?’, when actually most of the time So-and-so won’t actually think anything much at all.

When we don’t share what’s going on for us, this is when the internal dialogue can go crazy, so that’s the crazy bit – not you.

We can drive ourselves mad, on a vicious cycle of overthinking.  But we are not mad.


So this leads me back to question 1 – Can I help you?  

Short answer:  Yes.


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With love,


Chrissy x