I love new year.  I love the freshness of it, the brand new start, the potential.  As soon as Christmas is over my mind starts planning all of the things I’m going to do or change in the year ahead.  Like a new notebook, all filled with clean pages, just waiting to be written: the next chapter.  People must know this about me, I have had two beautiful notebooks for Christmas!  

I wouldn’t say I make resolutions exactly, for me it’s more about setting my intention for the year ahead.  For me this next year is about change: further development of myself and my business, and also about spiritual discovery and complete wellbeing.  All of these are fairly broad, and breaking them down and figuring out the smaller goals behind them is all part of the fun for me.

How about you?  What are your intentions for the year ahead?  What is stopping you from living an amazing life? Could transformational coaching help you to write your next chapter?  

I have two spaces for individual coaching clients from January.  Interested?  Get in touch, let me know what the biggest challenge you’re facing right now is.  Describe the amazing life you want to be living.  We can start the new year with a transformational conversation about your next chapter.

Love,  Chrissy