Today is National Stress Awareness Day!  I had no idea until I got online this morning.  So many days for so many things these days it seems, but this is a good one.  

I have been feeling quite stressed recently, and this is because I have been VERY busy.  I love being busy, I love having things to do and rushing around, but it has surprised me actually at how quickly I have gone from loving being busy to massively stressed out!  It happens to us all I think.  

I normally focus on my health by meditating, exercising, gratitude practice, increasing water consumption, healthy eating… and when I’m busy, all of this goes out of the window, and lo and behold, before I know it, I’m STRESSED!  So over the last two days, I have taken some me time and re-established the good habits.  

Slow down, reprioritise, take a moment.

I found this on Twitter! No idea who made it, but it wasn’t me! Good messages & techniques