I have started #30daysofmeditation practice.  In the past I have toyed with meditation, going to see Andy Puddicome speak a few years ago, and I’ve used Headspace.com intermittently since that time, but actually creating the habit has been harder to do.

Here’s a taste of Andy in action:

There’s loads of information out in the world about the benefits of mindfulness meditation, these include: decreased stress, worry, relationship problems and increased focus, creativity, peace of mind and an improved sense of wellbeing.

I’m on day 4 of #30daysofmeditation and so far I feel more relaxed, my mind has already slowed down, and I’m able to think more clearly, which is helping me to be better organised.  Overall I do feel a greater sense of wellbeing and confidence.  Imagine where I’ll be in 30 days time!

Why not join in and let me know how #30daysofmeditation is impacting on your life?

Headspace.com is a really useful place to start your #30daysofmeditation for free

Lets start good habits!