How to do this?  This is the question.

Political events around the world are too big to ignore, these past few months have felt tumultuous in the extreme.  Exploring one’s newsfeed on social media, switching on the TV or radio, we cannot fail to see pain, anger and suffering in the world.  I personally have felt a whole range of emotions about what I see unfolding before us, from sadness, guilt, helplessness and then determination, charity and drive.  

So, how do we stay sane, find meaning and enjoy our lives?  ~  I’m sharing what I do:

I feel the positives building in me, a connection to strangers / others that I haven’t felt before, a shared position.  I marched with my fellow Londoners and citizens of the world on January 21st, and felt part of something very big and active.

I meditate and connect to my soul daily, as I need space in my mind.

I give myself permission to switch off, because my constant concern, discomfort, or stress will not help me or anyone else.  

I practice gratitude daily, thanking my lucky stars for the world, the wonderful humans and animals in my life & those I’m yet to meet, and for nature: all living things (and yes, sometimes inanimate objects too).

I connect with how I’m feeling, and allow all of the emotions to be experienced, joy, anger, calm, fear, courage, shame, confidence, cruelty, kindness, pity, empathy, indignation, envy and LOVE.  I accept that my human-ness contains all of these, widening my experience of life.

I reach out to friends and professionals when I feel like I need greater support: I had Reiki for the first time this week, for I felt the need for some healing.

Ultimately I am self-caring and connecting with others to the extreme!  

A friend of mine says that this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, and that we are all in for a bumpy ride whilst this transition takes place.  There is no specific dating for this shift, but the whole world will feel it: I have no real idea what this means!  But it feels true.

How are you keeping your head, when all about you are losing theirs?  I would love to hear how you and others are doing this.  

?  Cx