We wait…

Sometimes we humans don’t do ourselves any favours at all.  

  • If we are sick, we wait to feel better,
  • If we have no money, we wait until our finances sort themselves out a bit,
  • If we are alone, we wait to meet someone special,
  • If we are tired, we wait and do it tomorrow.
  • If we are unsure, we wait until we are certain,
  • If we are not confident, we wait until we are,
  • If we want to change our lives, we wait to be sure, or until the feeling goes away.

What are YOU waiting for?

Yesterday I saw a Chiropodist about a foot problem, I met a financial advisor who tells me that everyone waits to sort out their pension, until they have enough money.  I met a Coach who works with singletons to attract their ideal partner…

There are people out there who can help you solve your problem:  I am one of them.  

Maybe waiting is one of the human conditions?

How about instead of waiting, you make active choices about what happens next in your life?  What if you’re scared to choose?  What if you don’t want to choose until you’re 100% confident that it’s the ‘right’ decision?  What if…

Don’t be the one who waits, the one who’s too tired, who puts it off and puts it off.  Don’t look back and wish that you hadn’t just waited for things to be different.  It is up to you.

Why not book in for a possibility session with me, it’s completely free, with no obligation to work with me.  Let’s discover together!

(NB – I only hold spaces for a couple of possibility sessions every month, so don’t wait!)

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