Sometimes I get sick of all the bullshit that people pedal on FB.  Sometimes I like to take a break from it and hide in the background, just lurking behind all of the people having wonderfully successful lives.  (Bastards.)

Of course I too am having the most successful and wonderful life.  And when I feel like that, I too am one of the Bastards on FB showing it off! 

It’s just that it doesn’t always feel like it.  Sometimes I feel like lying down, wallowing in my shit.  Sometimes I’m tired, slightly under the weather, grumpy, sad or cross.  AND sometimes I forget that this is normal, because I’m so busy looking at blimming FB that I feel weird!  


Let’s get real.


Update: Sunday 12th March…

What I have noticed lately on FB is a little more authenticity, but mainly from men.  Interesting.  A couple of men I know have openly declared they are feeling anxious, upset, or basically affected by people or events in the world around them.  They express this openly, closing with something like “rant over”, and the response they get it huge!  People really check in to support others when they are authentic and vulnerable enough to put it out there.

I see women doing this less – publicly.  And I haven’t shared this blog on social media myself either.  Authentically hiding perhaps?  People could find this blog post if they were looking for it, but I’m not about to shout it from the rooftops, or am I?