Yep, I turned 40 this week.  WTAF?  I can’t let it pass by without recording my thoughts on the matter.  I feel 26.  My friend says this is my ‘celebrity age’, but it can’t be.  I feel 26.  How can you not feel any older?  

I’m more grown up obviously, and happier now with who I am as a person.  I’ve reached a level of self acceptance that I definitely did not have in my 20s.  I’m more confident and self assured, I worry less about what other people think.  I generally think that I am fantastically lucky and I regularly pray to the universe to give thanks for everything I have.  I’m not ashamed of anything.  I am true to myself.  I enjoy my work more than ever before and the imposter syndrome only rears its ugly head momentarily, because I am more experienced and with the experience comes confidence.  I used to worry that my life might be mediocre (how awful!) but now I know that it is extraordinary!  

Oh look, I’m a grown up!  Maybe I do feel 40 after all…

(I’m not wearing any makeup and plastic orange beads in the photo – defiance in the face of 40!)