I actually wrote this entry yesterday but it is missing in action!

Day 11 – Not very scary.  This is hard to keep up!  I went shopping with my sister, and bought a pair of boots (Frye) for a very small amount of money.  The risk is that they are unfixable and I have wasted this small amount of money, but they would have been nearly £200 if I’d bought them elsewhere.  I will update once I’ve been to the cobblers.

Day 12 – Driving in fog, picture below.  In fact I wasn’t driving, Myles was, but I sat there feeling glad about that.  

It’s not easy being on a path when you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  You might know your destination, but have no control over what might enter your path along the way.  You can’t really plan for the unexpected, including the fog itself.  You can hope that the fog doesn’t thicken, or that other obstacles don’t appear.  You could stay at home, avoiding the obstacles completely. Or you could venture out, brave the unknown and use the obstacles as things to learn from.  Who knows, maybe these obstacles will change your path, you may have to take a different turn, your destination could change as a result.  Isn’t that exciting?  

Our experiences shape our lives.


Day 13 – tonight I’m joining a choir!  (Arrrrrggghhhh.)