Today was all about fitness.  So far in my life, I have swam a mile, run a half marathon and cycled 100k (more than once), but for the last couple of years I haven’t been that fit.  Training plans never quite get going.  I have done 30 mins of Pilates about 4 times a week for the past 6 months, which is impressive I think, helped along the way by Tandy at

My scary task for today hasn’t quite gone to plan.  I called my sister, who is into cycling and asked her whether she would book into a 100k ride with me – Nope.  too far, too winter: she’s a fair weather cyclist apparently.  She did agree in the spring to be roped into about 60k.  So we’re on for that – but I wasn’t scared.

Instead, I thought Triathlon!  Yes, great plan.  I surfed the web, and yep it sure looks scary.  Sites talk about emotional, physical and financial commitment to this cause.  I found a couple of local clubs and emailed them to ask a couple of questions about beginners, fitness levels, not being able to swim crawl!  This was pretty scary, but didn’t feel quite complete.

So, I’ve booked a 10k run on 6th December in Regents Park.  This is a challenge, as I am not cardio fit, so I’m going to have to get out there and train! I will be cardio fit – Eeeek!

On reflection this is quite a lot, a bike event in the Spring, waiting to hear about how to start triathlon training and a 10k run!  

In fact it’s so much, I decided to set up a just giving page, not just for the sporting events, but for the whole 30 days of fearless living! Why not raise some money for a great charity I want to support called Finding Furever Homes – a great little charity, making a difference… one dog at a time!