Writing this blog for me, is pretty scary.  

Some of you may know that I didn’t used to be on Facebook, I had an anonymous Twitter account for a number of years.  When I started my business in January I planned to develop my website and get up and running quite quickly.

In March I joined Facebook to practice exposure, being online, being me online, losing the anonymity.  I set up my business page, and invited people to “like” me.  And they did.  I changed my Twitter account and identified myself, and eventually in August my website was “good enough” to go live, and link all of these accounts together.

Quite honestly, this for me was SCARY stuff.  I felt so vulnerable and exposed that at times it felt hideous!    It took me 8 months to launch my website!  But, I really enjoy Facebook now, I feel so much more connected to people than I did.  So it was worth it.  Maybe writing this blog can feel good too?  But again I’m scared – what will people think?  What if people don’t like what I say?  What if people laugh and think that being scared of this stuff is just stupid?  

Well, this isn’t about anyone else, this is my 30 days of fearless living and for me this is breaking down another barrier.  

I have always worried about pleasing others, not rocking the boat, beinga good girl.  And yet, I know that none of us can please all of the people all of the time, so this is an unrealistic starting point.  I have also spent the last few months struggling to write academically whilst finishing my Masters dissertation, which took me to a point where I felt I could not write, so again writing this blog was something I was putting off until that was finished, and when I reached a point where I felt ready to write something again.

So here we are.  A second blog entry in as many days.  Yesterday I tweeted the link, today I link this one to Facebook.  Oh god, do I?  Do I have to?