Having just watched Oprah’s speech from the Golden Globes last night, I was inspired to write something about us women stepping into our power.  Yay us!  

But doing this isn’t always that easy is it?  We can be held back for a variety of reasons, many of them ultimately coming down to how we will be viewed from the outside.  We carry this fear of judgement by others, not wanting to look stupid, or clumsy in how we approach things.  We worry that what we have to say won’t be good enough somehow, that people will think badly of us for expressing our truth, and showing our power.  

We women are our own worst enemies sometimes too – we can be the most judgemental of our peers, throwing out sarcastic comments about others’ perceived lack of knowledge, or whispering to our friends about their weight gain/loss.  We do not help and support one another in this way.  Even if we think we are above all this, and that we are kind and just want the best for everyone, it can be automatic in our minds – this critical voice.  But mostly we use it on ourselves.  Whatever we may say out loud, I have no doubt is just a fraction of what we offer back to ourselves. The foibles we notice in others are usually the biggest concerns we have internally.

Oprah speaks with great authority, from huge experience, and this enables her to give a voice to others.  But we all know she came from small beginnings, with a determination and drive to succeed; this makes her all the more plausible.  I’m guessing if Gwyneth Paltrow had given that same speech, we would be hearing quite different comments this morning – you see my point?  But I digress…

Stepping into our power.  We can all do this, we are all capable.  What would you be doing differently if you were truly doing this?  What is stopping you from doing this?  Sometimes the answer to this is unclear…

In my work, I enable clients to step up to who they really want to be and achieve the things that are their heart’s desire is my goal.  Through conversations with the unconscious in hypnosis, the blocks can be discovered and transformed.  

I worked with Lauren last year who was really looking to step up and take charge of her life and her business:

“If you’re curious about RTT [Rapid Transformational Therapy] then you’ve already got one toe in the water. It took me three different google searches but when I found Chrissy’s site, something resonated with me and I reached out.

I think it was the fact that the other half of her business involves women making major changes in their lives and that’s exactly why I was calling for help. I’m based in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) and not for a second did I worry about the distance. We had our initial consultation call and I was sold. I awoke the next morning, ready for whatever was coming my way. I’d been hypnotised once before but it never felt like it actually worked. This time, I understood hypnosis. You’re awake but it’s as if the present, frontal you has taken a back seat and your subconscious self has stepped forward.

Chrissy is guiding me through past events bubbling to the surface and my frontal self was in amazement of what came forward. Chrissy’s guidance throughout the process was seamless and the end results were nothing short of miraculous. I popped out of our session with an energy never before experienced. As if my problem was carved out of me and this lightness left in it’s space. Issues that would normally plague me for weeks on end, gone like water dripping off my skin. My life has drastically changed and it’s all because of Chrissy’s help.

It’s not to say every day has been perfect since BUT with the help of Chrissy, I’m better equipped to navigate those moments and quickly move through. I am forever grateful for her work and would highly recommend Chrissy to help you move past whatever is holding you back and to guide you through to the next phase of your life.” Lauren, www.underthemuumuu.com 

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