I won a Negotiation Professional Workshop day with Natalie Reynolds, author of “We Have a Deal”, through a competition in Psychologies Magazine!  Amazing – to win!  And as it turns out an amazing day!

To be honest I hadn’t really thought too hard about negotiation skills until fairly recently, but as one of the other workshop participants said to me on the day – “negotiation skills are one of those things you should be taught in school along with how to manage money, self esteem… “.  Quite right, and as Natalie guided us through the workshop it became quite clear that negotiation is something that we are all doing throughout our daily lives, in our relationships, with our kids, at work and in business.  This training was not an easy ride, we worked hard all day, were filmed, and then received feedback on how we performed.  At the end of the day we definitely had a deal!  

If you get the opportunity to experience one of Natalie’s workshops, go for it, you won’t regret it.  If you’re looking for training to develop your negotiating skills, again – go for it!  Her book is one of the top sellers on Amazon.

How do you negotiate your way through life?