This seems to be a theme for me at the moment, I seem to be surrounded by the ending of things.  This year seems to have been big for loss of life so far, we have lost a number of big celebrity lives, and then we in the UK lost our membership of the EU (alright I know article 50 hasn’t been triggered yet, but it’s coming).  I left my job, and now that establishment has closed, and there is no longer a women’s prison for London women.  I lost an amazing colleague last week to Cancer.  There have been bigger losses of life in Nice, Turkey, USA and more.  All of this really makes you stop and think about the meaning of life, our purpose – what is it all for?  I don’t have answers to the bigger philosophical questions, but it is interesting to ponder them, and wonder about how we spend our time, who with, and by making the choices that we do, what we might be missing out on.

A Coach colleague posed the question on Facebook yesterday – “If  you were given six months to live, what would you do with the time?”  There were some interesting responses: ‘get a second opinion’, ‘keep doing what I’m doing’, ‘spend more time with loved ones’.  It really made me think (again) about my life, my bigger purpose and what it is all for.

It’s a real test to think about life in this way – and the beauty I think is to find a way of living into the life you desire, and being able to stand up and say – “I wouldn’t change anything” or “keep doing what I’m doing”.  How about you?


A final note, just for fun (or is it?!) again something I saw posted on Facebook this week: