How well do you know yourself?  

Do you take the time to listen to your inner self and what it is actually communicating to you? What shows up in your life?  Does it all work for you?

Our bodies and our minds have a true connection that we don’t always pay attention to.

When we experience symptoms of either physical or emotional instability there is usually a message to us that we should be paying attention to; this is our true self trying to communicate with us.

Mostly we don’t pay attention.  We take a pill and hope that the pain will go away and very often this can be successful. But what do we do if the pain persists?

Conventional medicine does not allow for exploration of symptoms and of our true selves.  There isn’t time or capacity for our professionals to stand back and see the whole picture of what is going on in our lives.

We recognise stress, mostly, but not always, especially when it shows itself in ways that are not traditionally associated with stress.

A client I was working with last year came into see me with Fibroids which were giving her incredible pain for a lot of her cycle (three weeks out of four). 

We explored the Fibroids in hypnosis via a conversation with her subconscious mind.  The Fibroids themselves were not the problem, they had been with her for her whole life.  So why the pain?

The pain was more interesting and had developed a role for itself in her life.  ‘Mandy’ had not wanted to have children, and was now in her mid-forties. It transpired that the pain was there to offer others an explanation as to why she had not had children.  

The pain suggested that there was something physically wrong with her, and was useful in offering to others a perfectly adequate excuse as to why children were just not an option.  It had developed to keep her safe, to protect her from feared criticism.

It wasn’t true, but it was useful.  

Mandy got to know herself through this process, and ultimately let go of the pain that was no longer serving her through our transformational work.

When we did the work she was taking a lot of painkillers, carrying emergency ones in case she needed more.  The doctor had told her that there were too many Fibroids to deal with in her case and had offered a hysterectomy as a solution.

Mandy has been pain free since last September –  she kept the Fibroids and her uterus.

She had not been aware of the story that her subconscious mind had been building up on her behalf. She was not even aware that she had been worried about telling people why she didn’t want to have children (she has a very nice life thank you very much), and yet the drama going on behind the scenes was creating physical misery.

Knowing ourselves is vital. Exploring what’s really going on behind the scenes does change our lives.

Are you ready to change yours?