How true is this for you?  

Those times when all the things you need to get done are piling up, and so to get yourself organised you write a list – what could be better?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have so many lists, I’m not sure which one to check first – so I go looking for the one I have looked at in a while, and dammit – find another one.

All of the stuff seems vital, important, they are all must-dos in order to get you moving forward to where you want to be, and then OMG I am now completely overwhelmed, and I’m going to sit down, watch another episode of “Transparent”, make a cup of tea, do the washing up… Anything, to avoid looking at those awful lists!

It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re confused – right?

Maybe to regain some order you try something else?  If you’re an avid list-maker, stop making them? Just do the stuff instead, whenever it comes up.  Don’t create the lists or piles, blitz through the ones you’ve got – put aside a day, and then NEVER MAKE A LIST AGAIN!

As a list-maker myself, I’m already thinking, woah!  This is making me slightly anxious.  How am I going to remember to do all the stuff??  Then I remember the lists, and all the stuff that isn’t getting done despite being on a list, and how unmotivated I feel every time I look at one of the damn lists!  

So lists are going in the bin.  I’m going be way too busy DOING all the stuff to write lists from now on.  Join me?