Day 8. Went to work. Isn’t that enough some days?! 

Day 9. Today i have been on a CPD training event with the leadership academy. I have been to Crawley for this – one and a half hour journey, and worth it!  My scary thing was again about connection (you’ll be noticing a theme by now!) – I decided I would speak to every other person at the event individually, so I did! I really enjoyed hearing about their work and leadership challenges and successes, i left feeling energised (despite the long journey home).   I plan to use my learning to develop a workshop on managing conflict at work, which will be another scary thing no doubt… 

I have only just noticed that I’ve had a few comments on some previous posts, which is lovely! This is all new to me, so apologies I’m not ignoring you, just ignorant of the IT! I’m learning, bear with me!  

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