This is harder than it looks, especially with a new puppy in tow.  

Day 4 was completely taken up with new puppy, and I didn’t do anything that scared me.  I worried about it from time to time throughout the day – that I wouldn’t have anything to write about here, and that I hadn’t stuck to the pact of fearless living, but believe me, the puppy is quite something.  An emotional rollercoaster, of fun, cute overload & play, then fights, anxiety & exhaustion.

Today (day 5) I managed to go for a run: I thought I would go for 5k to start my training for 10k run in December.  I managed 4.5 miles in about 40 mins, so I was pretty pleased with that – I felt great!  Not scary exactly, but I was concerned that fitness would be a challenge after months of couch potato-ness.  

I also took Wilf to his first puppy class, where I get trained on how to behave with a puppy around – I was nervous, Wilf was intrigued by the other puppies in the class.

I intend to be more scared tomorrow – we are approaching Hallowe’en after all!