I remembered what what I did that scared me on day 21!  I wrote a short advert for a newsletter about my work.  A colleague suggested I write something for the newsletter she publishes, that I could put this in the resources section.  So I wrote it and sent it in, almost without hesitation.  The scary bit about this for me will be seeing it in print. 

Day 26:  Crying.  Only very gently shedding a few tears with a colleague whilst we talked about our fears over what is happening in the world and for the future.  Crying is something that I really don’t find comes to me very naturally at all. I’m very good at a stiff upper lip, and putting on a brave face – to the point where at one point in my life I felt almost emotionless.  This turned out not to be true of course!  But I did feel that way for some time.  Crying has been a more regular occurrence in my life since September, when I flew to LA to attend a coaching intensive training, lots of personal development and for me, tears.  This intensive seemed to flick a switch in the crying stakes for me.  I hated crying, showing emotion in front of others for such a long time, that now it remains firmly outside of my comfort zone, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, or with me for doing it, and in fact it enables connection as it did for me in this situation.  I wouldn’t say that I’m all for having a good cry, but I definitely feel better afterwards.

Day 27:  Connecting with spirituality.  I don’t even know what this means!  I am not religious and am not talking about any God.  I just feel that I want to figure out what this means.  I booked to see Gabby Bernstein when she comes to London in January, as someone recommended her work to me.  I also contacted a Psychic that I met earlier this year to ask if she has any advice about this.  Happy to hear advice from others if you have any?!