Terrifying day yesterday.  We collected Wilf who is 12 weeks old and has come to live with us.  Looks pretty scary right?  

When we got Floyd, our first whippet I remember being equally scared.  What if I didn’t know what to do?  What if he didn’t like us?  There was no need to worry, Floyd was and still is completely obsessed with both of us.

My biggest fear with Wilf was again about Floyd.  What if Floyd didn’t like him?  What if he has to go back?!

I needn’t worry so much.  Floyd thinks he’s ok. A bit annoying, but he’s coping.  You can hear more about what Floyd thinks of Wilf over on Twitter @SgtFloydWhippet, and Wilf’s already got 25 followers, but he’s less chatty so far!  @Wilf_whippet