Day 13 – I mentioned this in the last post, but I wanted to say how it went.

I went to PopChoir, and it was great!  We sang pop songs, I wasn’t the only newbie, and I laughed out loud.  I went alone, I was scared, nervous about doing it, but looking forward to having a good sing!  Afterwards I wondered why I had worried about doing something that I wanted to do.  A friend said to me recently that anxiety is just excitement without the breath – I found that helpful!

Day 14 – if we are friends on FB you may have heard about this already.  I went with my pal Jenny to see Brene Brown speak about Courage at the school of life.  I love her work.  If you have seen her TED talks, you can watch them here: 

She was great in real life of course, humorous, whole-hearted and real!  I felt inspired by her.  We waited to meet her at the end and she signed our books.  I also told her about my #30daysoffearlessliving and the scary thing for that day was to actually talk to her!  She fist-bumped me!  I love her!!

Day 15 – Bit the bullet and finally contacted a renovator to come and look at the flat – we have so much that needs doing I don’t even know where he will start.  Found myself worrying about whether I should spring clean the flat before he comes around next week.  But I refuse to engage with this type of “mental chatter” –  Cleaning is not for me!

Day 16 – today.  Asking for money is difficult.  Asking for money that you are owed for work you have already done – difficult.  I don’t know what the fear was about this when it first had to be done: it seems like such a reasonable thing to ask for doesn’t it?  I have been used to taking home a salary paid straight into my bank account every month without question.  To negotiate a rate, send an invoice and then chase up late payments, this is new and scary.   But it gets easier I’m finding.  Change is tough sometimes!