This entry is just a list – as two blog posts have just been eaten by the internet (grrr).

Day 21 – I can’t remember!  (I wrote a blog entry about it, but it’s disappeared!  Maybe it wasn’t scary enough?  It was what it was…)

Day 22 – I admitted defeat.  (I wrote a blog entry about it, but it’s disappeared!)

Day 23 – Connection with someone I hadn’t seen or spoken to for a number of years, and arranged to meet.  Actually due to the email I sent out on day 19, I have been in contact with quite a few people who I haven’t been in touch with for a while which has been good.  It’s so easy to lose touch, but it’s not that hard to reconnect.

Day 24 – Not everything can be written in a blog for public consumption!

Day 25 – True fear following the horrifying events over this weekend in Beirut and Paris.  I connected with this fear whilst out running in London this evening.  It is a travesty what is happening in our world in the name of religion.  There appears to be no answer, no one can win, there are already too many people that are losing.  The way I see it, LOVE and CONNECTION are the only answers.  Share the LOVE, smile, connect with people and stay safe.