I am exhausted!  Myself and colleagues attended the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in Hertfordshire yesterday and Thursday last week.  Having never done an event before, I had no idea what to expect! 

It was brilliant to meet so many women with all different ideas about businesses they could be running, as well as to hear from people that have been successfully running their businesses for some time – lessons for us all to be had.

I am full of admiration for Lindsey & Lucy whose idea it was, and through their commitment and motivation a really successful and fun couple of events were held.  I felt wiped out after each one, and all I had to do was be there, so CHEERS to L&L who must be in need of some recovery time now.

Some of the speakers were absolutely inspirational to hear them tell their stories, what drives them, and to hear one message in particular – keep going, there will be good and bad times, but those that are successful keep going.

Mums Enterprise Events want to keep going and are launching crowdfunding to “keep going”! Read about Lindsey’s journey & see how you can support this brilliant young company. 

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