I don’t know about you, but my mind can get very busy & filled with stuff – even when I don’t look busy.  Often my husband will be talking to me and I have no idea what he’s said, because I’m so wrapped up in all the stuff going on inside my mind.  He finds this very frustrating!

I set out a while ago to establish a mindfulness meditation practice for myself, in the aim the I slow down, turn down the volume of the stuff circulating inside my mind, and also give better focus to the others in my life.  Weirdly, it has worked!  I can switch off the constant chatter in my head, I can hear what hubs says to me and I feel my concentration is better.  So I do this daily for me, as I feel better, but also I do it for others, as I’m easier to be around!

I started using headspace.com a few years ago now, went to see the founder Andy Puddicome, speak at an event, and have been somewhat consistent in my practice.  What I like about headspace is that it’s free to trial, the animations are good, the science behind it is easy to understand, and the founder actually went and spent a couple of years living in a monastery with buddhist monks (so we don’t have to!) in order to learn his craft.  

Most of the clients I work with, I recommend this to, so I thought a post about it here might be useful for anyone reading this blog.  Let me know what you think…