Are you living life on purpose?  

I remember when I first heard this phrase, I was quite taken aback by it.  I had never considered whether I was deliberately making choices about stuff in my life, or just going through the motions.  I think until that point I had just never even thought about it.  

Life happens, shit happens.

But actually, it doesn’t.  We create most of the stuff ourselves, through the choices we make every day.  

A client said to me this week “I don’t have a choice about my feelings, but I do have a responsibility about how I use them”.  She was right.  We have choices about our reactions and our behaviours.

When you don’t choose, and opt for default all the time, unthinking, powerless, and then feel upset or angry about how life is working out – it is your choice.

Think about that.  Make decisions consciously and on purpose.  Step towards the outcomes you really want.  What would life look like then?

Answers below please!  

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