Do you have a back up plan?  Is this something we should all have?  After all, life is a risky business, and we should all be prepared for failure or something not working out – right?


Have a Plan A.  Work at it like a fiend.  Achieve towards it every day.  Make it your passion, your best friend – this is your LIFE remember.

Having a Plan B distracts us from our goals, diverting our attention and our energy.  Building and developing a back up plan is like telling the Universe that you never really wanted Plan A in the first place.  You’re working on something else, putting your efforts into something you don’t really want, that you’re not joyous about – but its safer, it might work out.  But then how happy will you be?  Isn’t this aiming for mediocre?  No one wants that.  Aim higher.

Plan A is the dream, a life designed by you.  Believe that you can do it, you can achieve it and put all of your eggs in the Plan A basket.  It doesn’t mean the plan can’t change and develop as you grow and change.  It just means that you are putting all of your energy and self belief into one thing, which means a greater chance of success however you look at it.

Having a back up plan is like telling yourself from the outset that you don’t believe Plan A is going to work.  Its out of your reach, not available to you.  How successful do you think you can be whilst these messages are running in the background of your brain?

One of the causes of Depression is not being true to our heart’s desire.

What does your heart desire?