Keep on keeping on

This phrase keeps coming to me. A reminder to myself that I need to keep going, keep at it, keep my chin up – all of these things. Persistence and practice will pay off. 

I started working for myself in January last year. It’s what I wanted for a while. It took me ages to leave my old job, to make the decision that it was the ‘right’ thing to do, and then to make sure! Since then I feel like I have spent more time outside of my comfort zone than I have in it. Living on the edge is pretty uncomfortable and exhausting I can tell you! But it is so worth it! My comfort zone has stretched and it is now wider than it has ever been, and still I have to keep on going outside of it.

To get confident at new things, one has to continue to practice them. Persist and practice.  

I’m fortunate that I have had support along the way. I chose my supporters wisely, some family, some friends and some paid therapists and coaches to really challenge my thinking and keep me on track towards my goals.

What I have realised only very recently is that this life is a journey, and I know it’s cliché but it’s really not about the destination. I had heard this saying so many times but in recent weeks I really feel connected to it. The destination keeps changing as I keep on keeping on.  

Where is the edge of your comfort zone? Who’s challenging and supporting you?  


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