Being brave: courage, guts, balls – whatever you want to call it…

Sometimes it is the little things that really get us hooked up, stuck and unable to move forward.  This is a conversation I have with clients often – where they are now, and where they would really want to be if they had all the courage they needed.  Being brave is often what they wish they able to be.

Because we’re all different of course, these things are different for us all.

My thing (and I have talked about this before) is being seen.  I have THE fear about it.  It’s getting easier, and then I go and add a new parameter to the fear!  So I have felt exposed and vulnerable writing this blog, posting to social media, emailing people, and now creating video!  I did this yesterday and posted it on my FB page, which tweets it.  So it’s pretty out there!  And – No one died!  Least of all me (bonus!)

Take a look here: 

A friend was talking to me about never having been away (abroad) on her own, without her husband or parents before that, and how she has booked herself on a yoga retreat – BRAVE!

A Client of mine last week was talking about making a huge decision for herself and her children as to where in the world they should live!  She was able to do this, make the decision and commit to it – BRAVE!

We all do brave things every day, and sometimes we don’t realise how brave we really are until someone else points it out to us.

If you need some help with thinking about something brave you need to do, committing to a challenge or change you want to make, why not get in touch?  I offer a free Possibility Session, so there is no obligation to work with me after that – but it might just be the greatest thing you ever did!  Imagine that!

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