Stepping Into Our Power

Stepping Into Our Power

Having just watched Oprah’s speech from the Golden Globes last night, I was inspired to write something about us women stepping into our power.  Yay us!   But doing this isn’t always that easy is it?  We can be held back for a variety of reasons, many of them...

Choices we make

Well, I’m back from my retreat, feeling so blissed out and relaxed last week that I made a choice not to write my blog straight away.  My choice was instead to rejoin the rat race a little more slowly, give myself a bit more time to re-adjust to normal life.  I...


Being part of a temporary underground community I was on a tube yesterday, headphones on, going to a meeting.  Nothing unusual about that, except halfway through a tunnel, the tube stopped and the lights dimmed.  Uh-oh.  What’s going on? Slowly everyone looked...

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