Coping with overwhelm

Coping with overwhelm

Don’t be afraid when you are stuck in this place. Although it may not feel like it, you are exactly where you need to be right now. There are always lessons to be learned when you feel you are in this negative space. It can be really hard to hold on to any degree of...

Resistance – it really is futile!

Resistance – it really is futile! This is something I have discovered recently.  You may be saying, ‘what do you mean? that saying’s been around for yonks!’ But, believe me, I had never really thought about before.  And then recently I started...

Make the most of your gifts

Are you making the most of your gifts? Do you know what your gifts are?  We are all gifted in some way, but for some this is obvious or outstanding from a young age, and the path to success and happiness appears well lit and therefore easy to find. Many of us struggle...

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