30 days of fearless living: day 10

30 days of fearless living: day 10

Today I was in a pretty foul mood as I prepared to head out to a meeting at Health Education England to pitch an idea for a foundation degree for training health care assistants to a standardised competency level to work in offender care services.  I realise now that...

30 days of fearless living: days 8 & 9

Day 8. Went to work. Isn’t that enough some days?!  Day 9. Today i have been on a CPD training event with the leadership academy. I have been to Crawley for this – one and a half hour journey, and worth it!  My scary thing was again about connection...

30 days of fearless living: days 4 & 5

This is harder than it looks, especially with a new puppy in tow.   Day 4 was completely taken up with new puppy, and I didn’t do anything that scared me.  I worried about it from time to time throughout the day – that I wouldn’t have anything to...

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